Crazy Cat Zone, enter with Caution
Spinning with excitement, many angles, many directions, many stories to tell. This is the story of a cute, playful, content, mischievous, CRAZY CAT. Meet Princess, my cat. She is famous around the world. I will share her life with you. She has impacted my life.I think I am evolving, I also take my share of cat naps. I am not sure if she is the subject or I
Original signature art piece (The Crazy Cat) Please EVERYONE friend me on facebook at Michiru Kusaka to see my latest works of art. I will post all new paintings on my facebook as I complete them.
Signature art piece (Lil Red  Wagon)   This series will be a new series of my travels around the Great State Of Louisiana. Paintings will include my new signature art piece in them as well as familiar places and events cajuns enjoy. If you would like to be featured in one of them as well as your business, contact me for info.
Another signature art piece are my Fleur De Lis. My condition of my spirit are reflected in them. They are unique in that, when my spirit feels broken, my fluer de lis paintings seem broken, split, cracked and damaged.
Cajun Paintings......All of my paintings have a cajun influence. Louisiana people are the BEST!!! Thank you for accepting my children, my paintings and myself.
Jesus is REAL and LIVES! I will ALWAYS show my love for him. Need peace? Know Jesus, Know Peace... No Jesus, No Peace!
Portraits from your me for details or call 337-577-2321
Painting created for a Charity to aid abused women and children, to give HOPE to broken families.
We also have Signed, Limited, numbered prints for sale. Saints Superbowl, Tiger Country (LSU), Wildlife, Fluer De Lis, Crazy Cat, and Cajun. Prices start at $30.00. Contact us at or call 337-577-2321
Available....Crazy Cat, t-shirts, mouse pads, post cards, calenders and me for prices....Have a blessed life....Love Michiru