Crazy Cat Zone, enter with Caution
Artist Statement: "Crazy Cat"

My choice of colors and patterns are a reflection of my prayers to bring harmony to a diverse world. My past beliefs were influenced by my Buddhist upbringing. Cats are a sign of good luck in my Japanese culture.. After the World War II bombing of my country I felt a deep desire to forgive, understand and somehow bring unity to a world divided. A patched-up image of my Crazy Cat with unrelated colors and patterns, representing nations at odds, all coming
together to form a whole, became my subject matter. After moving to the United States and embracing my new home and the culture, I decided to incorporate Cajun themes with my peace cat. The simple but festive spirit of South Louisiana people added a flavor of fun excitement to my art thereby creating CRAZY CAT.

Original signature art piece (The Crazy Cat) Please EVERYONE friend me on facebook at Michiru Kusaka to see my latest works of art. I will post all new paintings on my facebook as I complete them.
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