Commissioned for a private gathering with American Idol, Joshua and his family, City officials of Westlake my manager and myself present for American Idol 2012 homecoming.Friend me on facebook to see the video or go to You Tube and type in Joshua Ledet private gathering, Michiru Kusaka.. Painting came from a live show on American Idol two nights prior to his homecoming when he sang It's A Mans World. So much emotion in his face. 
Joshua Ledet (American Idol Top 3)
Portrait done for President George W. Bush in 2009
Painting for American Idol Contestant Casey Abrams. Painting was presented to Casey in Hollywood California 2011. He held it up on a live show on stage during American Idol, how cool....
To see the video, friend me on facebook or you may be able to find it on You Tube   Casey Abrams, my favorite idol of 2011
Paintings by Kusaka
Art that make you SMILE